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Pavel software platform - tracking chauffeurs

One software platform to handle your entire chauffeured transportation business!

PAVEL allows you to run your entire business on one software platform.  You can cut down on the time running your business via the intuitive dispatch module & driver app. The passenger app enables your passengers to access your service anytime, anywhere and on any device.  The management assistant module gives your corporate customers complete transparancy. Besides that, the auto quoting and auto invoicing in-app, the credit card payment tool and insightful reports will increase your bottom line.   PAVEL makes your business run more smoothly and creates a unique travel experience that your customers will love!

Pavel Passenger App
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Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication

We strongly believe that the ultimate sophistication lies in simplicity.  This means that if something simple can serve the purpose of something that is complex, the simple is more sophisticated.  We have extrapolated this in everything we do and create.  That’s why we have developed a user interface that is designed in function of the experience.  We want to make the experience undeniably simple and offer users the right things, in the right place, just where they need it.

Safe in the Cloud

Security & privacy are two of the foundations of PAVEL.  For that reason we have consciously selected Microsoft Azur to host and secure our cloud software application. Through cutting-edge security practices and unmatched experience  in running some of the largest online services around the globe, Microsoft delivers enterprise cloud services customers can trust.

Our payment gateway provider Stripe ( is certified Level 1 PCI DSS compliant. This means all the credit card data and customer information is ultra secure. It also makes us proud that PAVEL complies with the European privacy rules meaning that the best privacy laws in the world protect your privacy and that of your customers.

Pavel is save & secure cloud software

Be the disruptor, not the disrupted

The chauffeured transportation industry is being heavily disrupted by Silicon Valley.  We give our customers access to smart and beautiful designed technology that helps you compete against these million dollar companies.  Our software platform, with our undeniable unique passenger app, creates a one of a kind travel experience that your customers will love!  It is our commitment to keep on innovating so that your business is always at the forefront of innovation, differentiating your business from the rest.

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Compatible with all browsers and mobile platforms

PAVEL works on both Microsoft and Apple computers with a recent browser installed. Our passenger and driver app is compatible with the most commonly used mobile platforms, Apple and Android.  This means that you and your customers can access your service anytime, anywhere and on almost any device.

Available on iOS & Android

How PAVEL works

Pavel workflow explained
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We want to give your chauffeured transportation company and your customers access to smart, intuitive and beautiful designed technology

PAVEL was founded as a result of a simple observation: business people have transformed the way they work, travel and buy. The chauffeured transportation industry is adapting too slowly what leads to disruptive innovators quickly taking over the market. With a background in chauffeured transportation and digital development, we felt the urge to do something and therefore we developed a unique software platform.

We help your chauffeured transportation company to innovate your business. We do this by giving you access to a software platform that simplifies every aspect of your daily work and seamlessly connects you with your customers. It is our ultimate goal to delight your passengers with a one of a kind travel experience that is supported on any device. Our intuitive and beautiful design makes us undeniably unique and makes the usage easy and pleasant.

It is our commitment to keep on innovating so that your business is always at the forefront of innovation.

Het Eilandje, Antwerp, Belgium


Jef De Wolf & Peter Peeters, the founders of Pavel

A Merge of experience

PAVEL was founded by 2 close friends, Jef De Wolf and Peter Peeters, who came to the conclusion that the chauffeured transportation industry was in need for smart technology to compete against technology disruptors.

Jef De Wolf, already the third generation working in a family owned transportation business, brought in 20 years of experience in serving multinationals with their exclusive chauffeured transportation service. Peter Peeters, managing partner and creative director of Norvell Jefferson, an established creative agency, brought in the creativity and digital development experience.

Jef De Wolf & Peter Peeters, the founders of Pavel

Born in Belgium

The founders Jef De Wolf and Peter Peeters, close friends since 1982, were born and raised in the Campine, a stretch of heathland in the northern part of Belgium, right in the middle between Brussels and Amsterdam. We are proud that PAVEL has European roots and is founded and developed in Belgium, a country that is internationally respected for its highly trained and multilingual staff and that is also recognized for its innovative strength.

Our experienced software engineering team is based in Antwerp and has been working vigorously to deliver a smart and robust software platform that you can trust. Our beautiful, intuitive interface, that makes us so undeniable unique, is crafted in The Netherlands, worldwide famous for its minimalistic, experimental and innovative ‘Dutch design’.

The origin of the name 'Pavel'

What's in a name?

The name PAVEL derives from a character from the original Star Trek series.  The Russian Pavel Andreievich Chekov was responsible for navigation, security and tactics.  Chekov was able to single handed calculate the coordinates for beaming much faster than the computer, allowing him to beam Kirk and Sulu back aboard the Enterprise before they fell into the singularity, when even the computer couldn’t lock on to them.  Pavel Chekov has always been an indispensable crewmember that helped the Enterprise to navigate through the endless spaces of the Universe.

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