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Dispatch module

  • Intuitive drag and drop planning

    A smart, intuitive designed drag and drop planning system cuts down on the time planning your daily rides and gives you a clear overview of all your bookings and rides.  You can access your responsive designed planning anytime or anywhere on either desktop or tablet. The Google autocomplete address form will save you precious time filling in new addresses and pre-stored locations make the booking process as efficient and easy as possible.  Your daily planning ritual will be fun and convenient.

  • Track your drivers on Google Maps

    Our live Google map view enables you to track the whereabouts of your drivers and it gives you insight in the status of each ride. It’s also easy to get an overview of the position of your entire fleet, which makes it more convenient to plan last minute bookings and assign them to a driver close to the pickup address. Google Maps also displays the LIVE traffic.

  • Generate automated quotes and invoices without losing control

    PAVEL assists you in making quotes and invoices.  After selecting a customer, adding the pickup and drop-off location and selecting the vehicle, the software will automatically generate a quote. This quote is based on the rate plan and rules you created yourself.  After each ride, PAVEL creates a receipt that is automatically shared with the passenger.  The invoice module easily allows you to create invoices at the push of a button and provides you a clear and up to date overview of all your paid and unpaid rides.

  • Advanced worldwide flight tracking

    The advanced flight tracker automatically notifies you and your driver about delays and gives you insight in flight arrival and departure times.

  • Farm out your rides to affiliates

    With the farm out feature you can easily farm out rides to affiliates without losing any control. By simply dragging and dropping the ride on your affiliate, it is automatically outsourced. If your affiliates also have a PAVEL subscription, your passengers will still be able to use the ‘find my driver’ and other direct communication features of the passenger app. You can easily request a quote and safeguard your gross margin. PAVEL also gives you an overview of the survey rating your passenger gave to the affiliate, so that you know how your partners are performing.

  • Monitor your business via insightful reports

    The power of PAVEL lies in its reports, enabling you to easily get insight in performance metrics showing how your business is going, which parts of your business need attention and which ones are running well.  Run daily timesheet reports, check your profit & loss per driver or customer and, if  local laws still obligate you to have a paper briefing on board, run a planned rides report per driver.

Microsoft & Apple logo

PAVEL works on both Microsoft and Windows computers with a recent browser installed
(Internet Explorer +8, Firefeox, Chrome, Safari)

Dispatch Module

Driver app

  • Drivers are automatically briefed or updated

    Briefing drivers and editing bookings is a simple one-button operation. Drivers are always kept up to date!

  • A step by step wizard guides drivers

    The step by step wizard guides the driver through each ride.  During this step by step process, the driver needs to report his status and mileage so that dispatching is always up to date.  Once the driver arrives at the pickup location, he can warn his passenger that he has arrived and is waiting.

  • Credit card processing on the spot

    At the end of a ride a driver can submit final job details, like parking and toll costs.  The waiting time is automatically calculated by PAVEL. You have the option to let the driver process a credit card on the spot or you can keep total control and process finances from your dispatch module. Therefore PAVEL also functions as a payment terminal.

  • Report other activities with time tracker

    When the driver is engaged in other activities he can report this via a built-in time tracker, so you can easily keep track of all the payable and non-payable activities.

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Driver App

Passenger app

  • Effortless mobile bookings via simple wizard

    In 7 simple and clear steps your passengers are able to make new bookings on the go. PAVEL automatically stores previous rides enabling your customers to make a new booking in less than a minute.  The Google autocomplete address form makes typing in a new address almost effortless.

  • Find my driver on map

    The driver can warn the passenger once he or she has arrived at the pickup location. From that moment on, the position of the driver will be visible on the integrated Google Maps.  This enables the passenger to geo-track the position of the driver. Extra information like type of vehicle, the license plate and a photo of the driver will make it easier to recognize your driver. The position of the passenger can also be made visible whenever the passenger enables the driver to geo-track his or her position.  To safeguard the privacy of the passenger, the geo-locating is automatically disabled after 10 minutes.

  • In-app credit card payment

    Passengers can store their credit card details in their passenger app so that this card can be used to auto-charge bookings.  The passenger can easily deactivate or add a new card and per booking they can indicate how they wish to pay for the service. Once the final payment is processed, PAVEL automatically sends a receipt via email and update the booking details so that the passenger can always review the final costs via his booking overview screen.

  • Report problems or delays

    Passengers can easily report unexpected problems like delays or when they are unable to find the driver. PAVEL temporarily connects passengers directly with the drivers or dispatch.

  • Give feedback on the service

    After each ride, PAVEL will invite passengers to fill out a short survey about the chauffeured transportation services. This survey will give you better insight in how customers perceive your company, drivers & fleet.

Download the total PAVEL Passenger App from your app store

Passenger App

Management Assistant Booking Module

  • Intuitive booking system

    Via the management assistant booking module, management assistants or the passengers themselves can easily process their chauffeured transportation bookings.  Your corporate customers get a clear overview of all their employees confirmed and cancelled bookings.   The management assistants can also keep track of the costs per ride or per employee. They can also add the most used locations and rides to the system so that the processing of bookings will take less than one minute.

  • Easily process updates & track progress

    Changes and updates are really easy to process.  When changing booking details like pickup time, PAVEL will automatically warn the dispatcher and if already planned, the driver himself.  Management and management assistants can also easily track the progress of a ride and check if a colleague is already picked up or has already arrived.

  • Check and keep track of your team

    PAVEL gives customers a clear overview of their entire team that is allowed to make use of the chauffeured transportation service. They can divide their team into groups (departments) and easily assign management assistants and passengers to these groups. Management group members only have access to the passengers and bookings of their specific group, but administrators can check and keep track of all groups and their connected passengers.

  • Increase transparancy via clear cost overview

    Once approved by dispatching, PAVEL automatically sends a receipt of all finalised bookings. This enables employees to more easily file their costs to management.   The system administrator (management) can access all receipts and quotes per department or passenger.  This gives them complete and total transparency in all chauffeured transportation costs.

Logo's Mircosoft & Apple

PAVEL works on both Microsoft and Windows computers with a recent browser installed
(Internet Explorer +8, Firefeox, Chrome, Safari)

Management Assisten Booking Module

Your Company Website

  • Responsive website that works on any device

    Responsive web design is a way of making a single website that works effectively on both desktop browser, tablet and mobile devices.  Responsive architecture gives the best browsing experience quality.  People who browse while on-the-go have very different needs than those sitting at a desk. Responsive websites reorganise themselves automatically according to the device viewing them, so that the same website provides a great experience everywhere.

  • Let customers book via your website

    Particularly new customers, having found you via a Google search, can now easily book a ride via your website. Your service experience already starts right here so instead of sending an email with their booking request, they can easily run trough an easy to use booking wizard and submit a quote request or booking.

  • Easily update your website content yourself

    Via an easy to use back-engine application you are in full control of your web content. In no time you can update your website copy and artwork.

  • Track your visitors via Google analytics

    Get more insight in who is visiting your website and where your referral visitors come from. This way you can more easily track the impact of online advertisement or social media referral posts. You can learn from this data, pivot if needed and review again.

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